Monday, September 29, 2008



I have never been prouder to be an American than I am today. I have renewed faith in our system of government. Along with thousands (millions??) of other Americans I have spent the week slamming the phone lines of congress persons to insist (in the strongest of terms) that we not pass the so called "bail out" in any form. No number of special provisions justifies borrowing our way out of a credit crisis. We won!! Without the efforts of concerned citizens and the internet community I am certain we would have just socialized our economic system.

The near future will not be a cakewalk. No doubt we are headed for hard times, as I have been saying here for more than a year. As I write this the dow has tanked more in 30 minutes than it does in a bad month. But we have shown that the American people will not compromise when it comes to freedom. We will not be given our marching orders by the Federal Reserve. Right on!!!!! Power to the people!

There are still many congress persons who voted for this bill even with unprecedented outcry from their constituents. Their names will be posted on the website shown below. Please join us in systematically voting these people out of office. People who thought they knew better than the people they represented.

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