Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't Give Paulson $700 billion!!

I just called both Oklahoma senators and my district representative to let them know that if they support the proposed "bail-out" in any form they will lose my vote. Lots of people are calling and the swithboards are slammed with 10 to 1 against the "bail-out". Let's let the markets work themselves out (which may require some suffering). Much of what we are seeing is due to goverment regulation in the first place (ask if you want me to expound on this). Speak up now! This is OUR government!


Contact your Representative

Contact your Senator

And as a reward for coming to New-Think for your is some hot off the presses inside info.

Good Morning,We had Ed Hill (BofA's Washington Rep) on the Equity Hoot this morningregarding the political situation in D.C. Key headlines:Bill unlikely to pass this week or next: 128 votes short nowAdministration "spectacularly unsuccessful" in making their case tolarge groups Congressional offices getting calls from constituents 10-1 AGAINSTthe billSome more details:Likelihood of passage this week has dimmed since yesterday.After speaking to leadership on both sides (they need 218 votes topass), they want 120 votes on each side. if the vote were today, 50dems, 40 reps (218-90 = 128 short), FAR from having enough votes topassWhen he canvassed 30 congressional offices yesterday the overallresponse was uniform: For every 1 constituent who phone in forsupport of the bill there were 10 against it. Remember the electionis only 5 weeks away and this weighs heavily on their minds.If they extend the session (which is likely) Thursday is the earliestthey could come back (after holidays), then it takes some time topass the senate where rules require more debate, don't expect itpasses this week or next week.also talking about strong oversight, both congressional &governmental. bankruptcy provisions still in play, but less likely,tough to get 120 RepublicansPaulson makes a compelling case 1-1, but not in large groups. TheAdministration has been unsuccessful getting their own party behindit.

Anyway, President Bush will take over the airwaves this evening trying to get folks to support this. It should be entertaining.

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