Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fed Lies!

The following cut and pasted from here. Do not trust the Federal Reserve. You did not elect them. They are a private company. The are no more "Federal" than Federal Express. Would you give Federal Express $700 billion if they said, "Trust me, we have your best interest in mind." If you would, please contact me...I need all of your money and I have your best interest in mind. Now, see below.

The Fed has claimed that this is a "liquidity crisis."
Really Ben? Then perhaps you can explain this?

Note that this is an intentional drain of "slosh", or liquidity, from the banking system. $125 billion in the last four days drained?
You wouldn't be trying to intentionally cause a bank failure or two to bolster your call for the $700 billion "bailout" plan, or perhaps intentionally lock the short-term credit markets, would you Ben?
If the market has a liquidity crisis, why would you be intentionally draining reserves from the banking system? Don't you think you ought to explain that to Congress?

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