Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let's Review

In June I made the following outrageous predictions. Let's see how I am doing.

1. Dow Jones Industrial Average under 10,000 by June 2009 (probably before 2008 is over). Can't help but feel really good about this one...not there yet, though.

2. Oil at $170 per barrel by Dec 31, 2008. (caveat: this is assuming no major economic collapse...which may not be a good assumption). Oil will not be at $170 in December BUT it is only because of the caveat I made. We are CURRENTLY seeing a MAJOR economic collapse.

3. Total collapse of the U.S. economy by Dec 2012. And I do mean worse than the Great Depression. This was by far the "craziest" prediction. Unless your head is in the sand, I think that you will grant that it is not looking quite so crazy anymore. Unfortunately.

By the way I have a great idea for a business. How about we go to the casino and make a bunch of crazy bets and if we don't win we make taxpayers give us money for the bad bets..but if we win we get to keep the money. Oh wait, somebody else already had that idea...and it is bringing down the economy as we speak.

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Michelle said...

AH, that gave me a good laugh...about the casino