Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Day With Jeff

Still asleep.

Get up and get ready.

Walk out the front door. Still mostly dark.

Drive to work.

Arrive at work. Sun coming out now.

I'm at my office again. Whatdya know, it looks the same as yesterday...and the day before...


Bible study.

Result of drinking lots of coffee.

Design stuff. Awesome stuff.
Do math to prove to skeptics that the awesome designs will work. Lunch/gruel/mush
Read news/check markets/random research/get mad at the man/blog.

More designing of awesome stuff. Stuff too cool (and confidential) to show on the interwebs.

Leaving work.

Headed home.

Look there's Millicent. Playing in the yard without clothes. Again.

Hey Kati, what's up?

Ashlea! Asa! Good to see you!

Kori, quick, look at your feet.

Dinner time. Then let's all just hang out for a while.

Put Asa to sleep.

Read a good book. Oh...not that one.

That's better.

Go to bed. Look, Millicent beat me to it.


Michelle said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!
Showed the girls too.
Millicent where she is naked is my favorite. For anyone reading this blog, she dresses and undresses 5 times a day, but usually is undressed.

Marcy said...

That was great! Loved your book choice! The 2nd one of course! :) (Luther is awesome!)

Roundeggs said...


Nice to see you moved over to the engineering building, cool office!

Jeff Johnson said...

Yeah Justin...I moved over to the technology center back in 2006. Windows are nice.