Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Use Your Power People!

Congress will try to ram this through again today even though there are better options on the table. Use your power to stop them. Contact your reps and senators and tell them in no uncertain terms that a yes vote for this legislation means you will NOT vote for them. We scared them out of it on Monday....time to do it again. It won't happen unless you get involved.

Contact your senator.

Contact your rep. Note: As of 7 a.m. Wednesday morning this site is down...because we have overwhelmed it with traffic. If it doesn't work for you just google your congress-persons name and you will find the contact info you need.

Also...we are not just opposing for the sake of opposing it. There is a better plan, actually a number of them. See next post down for the one I like.

BREAKING NEWS: Paulson and Bush threatened to veto the legislation if there was an explicit prohibition of transfers from foreign banks to an American subsidiary.

This means if legislation says they cannot give YOUR money to foreign investors...they will not accept it. If that does not motivate you to get active...then just go back to watching American Idol.

Don't The Genesis Plan, one post down.

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