Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Thursday With Ashlea

Dad just woke me up. Time to take him to work so I can use the car today.

We're at Dad's work, so I'll be headed back home now.
Back home.
Morning Asa! How's your breakfast buddy?
Oh snap. Time to go....
....and I'm still in my pajamas
Headed to town to get my hair done.
After. Lovely.
Now I am in the University...for chem-lab.
Here's the lab.
Here I am with my sweet goggles.
Now I am leaving...check out my shoe laces.
Dad will be mad when he sees this picture. Not only am I speeding but I am taking pictures while speeding. That requires mad skills....
.....I had to hurry because Chicken Express was calling.
At Aunt Carol's now.
Hi Aunt Carol.

Take Anna and Mathan to Mimi's....
....before heading to my next class.

Finally home.

Time for sleep. I'm exhausted.

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