Friday, October 10, 2008

A Day With Kori

Waking up.
Going downstairs.
Good morning Kati.
I got my ears pierced recently. Here I am doctoring them up.
Bible study.
With Ashlea gone a lot more this year, I have really started helping out a lot more. Here I am making breakfast for myself and my 3 younger siblings.
Now on to chores. Little kids are messy. This is what the school room looked like before my chore.
After. Seriously, what would Mom and Dad do without me?
Kati is folding diapers and Millicent is "helping". I'd better pitch in and help Kate get this done.
There we go.

I'm not really in time-out in this picture...but if I was, this is what it would look like.
Now that it's October I may have to pay closer attention to what I put on in the morning.
Now I am in the warm house reading my favorite magazine.
I am assigned to Millicent as her buddy. That means I help her with things like buckling up and holding her hand when she gets scared of our goats.
Mom is taking us into town. That's me in the back seat with Mill.

I took this picture of Kati and Asa playing at the park.

And for lunch...McDonald's...thanks Mom. Rest time with my buddy. I usually read her a few books and then once she's asleep I get some "me" time.
Me and the kids hangin' out in Kati's room.
Did I mention how helpful I am? Tonight Mom and Dad tried to have a date in the living room while I sat with the kids and watched a movie in Kati's room. Millicent wouldn't quit bugging Mom and Dad though, so we went to plan B.
Playing with Dad in the yard. First up...tackle the man with the football.

We can take him! Yes, Millicent in going after Dad with a baseball bat.
More wrestling. Dad had captured Mill and Kati. That's me behind him whacking him with a broom in an attempt to free my sisters.
Time for bed.
I usually do a little reading before I go to sleep.

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Michelle said...

That's a Thursday in my life. Not a real day that is school or anything like that...just my Thursday. And usually we go to the library on Thursday.