Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome to New-Think

Hello, glad you're here.
Welcome to New-Think Fool!

Over the past 6 months New-Think has seen a significant increase in visits. So…this is a welcome and an overview of what you can expect from this blog.

First of all I am a Christian. Everything you read here is framed in Christian presuppositions. I am willing to defend and discuss these matters if anyone wishes and in fact welcome the opportunity for discourse.

Second I have a large family and I love them. You will find a lot of family photos here. A lot of friends and relatives visit this site and like the family pics.

Third. We home-school our kids. I don’t post about home-schooling a lot but I do provide links to what I consider important home-schooling websites. It is certainly a topic that I may talk more about in the future.

Fourth. We like to have our babies at home…without doctors or midwives. This is a personal choice, but we like to share our homebirth experiences. Other than that…the same comments I made in my third point on homeschooling apply here.

Fifth. Obviously we have some convictions that are out of the mainstream. Largely because of that we DO NOT LIKE big government. Big governments tend to like to poke their noses into and take control of our individual liberties….like home-schooling, home-birthing, vaccinations, gun ownership, child discipline techniques, various religious convictions…etc. Sometimes I just get mad and yell about this kind of stuff on the blog.

Sixth. Oil. You might be tempted to think this is a blog about oil depletion. Lately it has been. I have been aware of peak oil since 2003/2004 (back when oil was about 30 bucks a barrel). We have been making some changes in our lives based upon the realities of what we believe is on the very near horizon. I am using New-Think to get the word out.


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