Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I don't want you to freak out....but...

Are you wondering when all of the renewable and/or alternative energy sources will kick in and drive down the price of oil? I really hope you are not still waiting for a magic bullet. We haven't even hit the down slope yet. Really, you will look back at this time as the good old days. Now is the time of preparation...past it really. Get busy.

Have a look at the following picture.

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Every year we use about 1 cubic mile of oil. To get that energy equivalent we would need to do what is shown above every year for 50 years. If you aren't good at math, let me break it down. To equal the oil we use in one year we need:

4,562,500,000 solar panels

2,600 nuclear power plants (takes a decade to build one)

200 3-gorges size dams

5200 coal fired power plants (you'll need coal for that)

1,642,500 wind turbines (the big ones)

That is why you have not seen and will not see the magic energy fairy.
And just in case you forgot....we have not been finding much oil lately.

Also...and here is where 95% of you will click away from this page....there is a very good chance you and your loved ones will meet an untimely death because of this. Here is a link and a chart from the link. This is one of MANY cold blooded studies into this subject. I don't blame you if you would rather accuse me of being a lunatic or "some internet whacko" instead of believing it. It is a much easier way to live. Accepting oil depletion is becoming much easier with all of the mainstream news coverage...accepting some of the more dire consequences may take a little while for you to digest...this one is a little like being kicked in the gut.

Don't take my word for it though. In fact, if you can convince me I am wrong to even consider such a scenario...I would be very grateful.

God bless you and have a nice day.


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