Friday, December 19, 2008

I Stuck My Finger in the Potty Daddy

Here is an interaction I had with Millicent last Thursday. It was early evening and I had been home from work for about half an hour. Millicent had been totally naked since I walked in the door. This is not uncommon. I was in my bedroom taking off my shoes when Millicent came into the room, on her way to my bathroom, carrying some clothes and telling me she was going to the bathroom so I wouldn’t see her getting dressed (“don’t see me, Daddy”). Apparently it is okay for me (and everyone else) to see her running around the house naked all day long…but we are not to see her in the act of putting on clothes. She is far too modest for that. She also announced that she needed to go potty but claimed she could handle it herself.

Evidently, this is what happened in the bathroom….she put on her pants then stood beside the toilet and peed in them while sticking her finger in the toilet. I know this because she came out of the bathroom with totally soaked pants, holding up her finger saying, “I put my finger in the potty, Daddy. Look!” So Michelle and I did what all good parents do in a situation like this. We took a picture of it.

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Kim said...

Oh, thank Millicent for putting tears of laughter into my eyes!