Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This is disgusting. Oil prices went over $130 per barrel today. Any regular reader here will know there is a sound, unavoidable, and irreversible reason for that (check out my peak-oil posts if you are a newb). Anyway, there are some things we can do to mitigate some of the problems if there is some general awareness and conscientiousness in the population and in the government. Instead…what do we get? Pathetic stuff like this:

House Passes Bill to Sue OPEC Over High Oil Prices

Judiciary Committee to seek answers for rising oil prices on day crude crosses $130 a barrel.

Not to mention the brilliant proposals by democratic presidential front-runners to give a tax free gasoline summer to Americans. YOU ARE RUNNING TO BE THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD.....IS THIS REALLY THE BEST ENERGY POLICY YOU CAN COME UP WITH?????

Man am I ever fired up about this stupidity.

If you are a leader of men...please listen to this.

OKAY BREATHE. Here's a cute picture of Asa.

Also a word to all Christians. Don't forget. Christ calls you to DENY YOURSELF, take up your cross, and follow Him. This week, I suggest we all focus on denying ourselves. This literally means dying to yourself, and not giving any thought or provision as to your own desires. Instead seek to serve others (and in doing so serving God) all of the time. Not just a few times a day, Christian. It is to be our lifestyle. If you find yourself getting annoyed, angry, grumpy, or anything else along those are in sin. Selfish sin. Repent and get back on the narrow path that leads to life eternal. Amen. Check out the following link if you are interested in going further into selflessness.

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