Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gingerbread Houses

It has become a tradition in our family for the kids to build gingerbread houses every Christmas season. Here are some photos.

Kori, Anna, Molly
Anna, Molly, Katherine, Kori
Katherine, Kori, Millicent
Ashlea, Mathan


addieb1 said...

i can't believe how much all the girls have grown!! i hardly recognize ashlea she looks so grown up! and she's driving??!! *gasp* oh how time has flown by..well it looks like you are all doing well! hope you have a great christmas and we hope you visit sometime!! i've tried to get ahold of ashlea several times by the number she gave me last time she was down but i guess its' either not right or she doesn't have that anymore...and i didn't have your correct email anyways tell her i said hello and i wish she could come hang out with me for a weekend sometime. tell everyone i said hello!


addieb1 said...

btw--if you'd let me know your email i'll send you guys a link to pictures of all of us!

Jeff Johnson said...

Our e-mail is