Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This weekend I took the 5 youngest kids to the mountains. Kati (seven years old) wrote a few sentences about it. Here is her perspective along with some photos I took.

I had to much fun today. And we went to the mountons and we wonted to go up mnt scott but the gate was closd. And we got to feed prairie dogs. They wer so cute I wanted to tacke one home. They wer so cute. I would care for it. We got to go to medesen parck and their was a gient scorpien and a artest lived ther I had so much fun we ate at IHOP and I had a funny face pancake and millycent had chicen strips and frys so did kasidy. Kori had a egg omlet and pancks dad had 2 sanwiches we sa a dam and it was runing so pretty I wanted to sit on the rocks and the sound was butifull and I wanted to live by it and there was o castle.

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